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Jan-10-2021 01:04:07 PM

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Dec-31-2020 04:30:25 PM

Hello our dear investors! Already passed 1 year with our BEST PLATFORM! We receive a lot of thankful email from all of you. As we suggest, all investors are satisfied with platform and their PROFITS! It’s only the beggining of our bright future with all of YOU! Soon will be made some GREAT updates at our platform and functionality will be better for YOUR USAGE! Also today we have added live statistics to our home page, so right now you will be able to see at LIVE MODE all incoming DEPOSITS and paid WITHDRAWALS! We wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and achievement at upcoming year 2021! Sincerely yours, Bit-Hit company! Company number 14007941

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Oct-7-2020 05:10:31 PM


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